Welcome to the webpage for the 2nd meeting of the Iberian Ecological Society (SIBECOL) and the XXI conference of the Iberian Association of Limnology (AIL), together with with the 21st National Congress of Ecology (Portuguese Ecological Society – SPECO)

Ecology: Bettering our sustainable future through scientific knowledge

Aveiro, Portugal – July 2022

This in-person meeting will stimulate knowledge exchange between ecologists
from Portugal, Spain, and other nationalities.

We appeal to the participation of industry members, political and environmental decision-makers,
and all those who are interested in ecology research and in building an environmentally sustainable future.

Please explore our website to know more about important dates for the meeting,
how to register, and even what sustainable things to do when in Aveiro.


This “classical” in-person meeting aims to gather in one place the ecology community from Portugal, Spain and wider afield to exchange knowledge and expertise.


Here you will find all the relevant information regarding the scientific program of the congress, including details on the program sessions, keynote speakers, and guidelines for both presenters and chairs.


Some of the best scientific partnerships stem from networking sessions at conferences and events like this meeting.


All participants are responsible for arranging and covering the costs of their own travel, accommodation, visa, and insurance arrangements.

Partners and sponsors